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Psychological Testing

Psychological testing is a process which uses a range of empirically validated measures to objectively asses a variety of factors which impact functioning. Psychological testing happens over the course of three appointments. The initial appointment is used as a standard intake meeting during which I will learn about your current and past functioning, family history, and reasons for seeking the assessment. The second appointment is the assessment; you will be asked to participate in and complete a range of measure which will provide me the data necessary to respond to your questions.  The final appointment is a feedback meeting during which you can expect to learn about the results of testing and participate in a discussion about recommendations.


I provide two types of psychological testing:


  •  Traditional Psychological Assessment: This approach is typically driven by the referring psychologist or physicianand designed to answer a specific referral question. The process is focused on gathering data to provide an overview of an individual's personality functioning, including cognitive, emotional, and social factors.  The goal of the assessment is to clarify diagnosis and provide treatment recommendations.

  • Therapeutic Assessment: This approach is driven by the client. The process is focused on helping the individual to identify their areas of difficulty and develop questions which will help them to better understand themselves and their functioning. The goals of the assessment are to help the client better understand the barriers preventing change, provide the client and treatment provider with a common language for discussing areas of difficulty, and generate treatment recommendations. 

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